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About Us

Roofing With P.R.I.D.E

At Phoenix Roofing Solutions, we aspire to be the top choice for roofing. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and we achieve that by going the extra mile to make sure every homeowner gets the maximum value and highest quality possible.

Our Mission, Values and Guiding Principles

Mission Statement:

At Phoenix Roofing Solutions LLC, we take P.R.I.D.E in providing 100% homeowner satisfaction so that our business is built by personal referrals. 


Phoenix Roofing Solutions LLC operates on these Core Values:


Everything we do, we do with P.R.I.D.E:

  • Professionalism 

  • Reliability

  • Integrity

  • Dedication

  • Expertise


Because we take P.R.I.D.E in everything we do, these are our Guiding Principles:

Invest In Our Future and Our Community

At Phoenix Roofing Solutions LLC, we are dedicated to building a brand that will stay strong in our community for years to come. We focus on creating long-term value for our homeowners, our team members and ourselves. We invest in the future by always growing our industry knowledge, professionalism, and product quality.


Be Consistent and Follow Through

At Phoenix Roofing Solutions LLC, we are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and we earn trust by communicating clearly, professionally and keeping our word with everyone. We hold the same quality of standards for every job from start to finish making sure every homeowner gets the maximum value. 


Create a Culture of Excellence

At Phoenix Roofing Solutions LLC, we hold ourselves accountable as a team to a culture of excellence that cultivates high performers, high achievements and highly satisfied customers. 

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A Word From The Owner

“Before I got into roofing, I had no idea how much there was to learn about the industry. I soon realized that there was a lot more to it that just nailing shingles on a roof that most people aren’t aware of.  I chose to learn everything I could to serve the community in the best way possible and I’m dedicated to sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with everyone who could benefit from it. Every job I take on, I treat it like it’s my own property. Although every project is different, some things that remain are dedication, expertise and professionalism.

After working in the oil field for 9 years, I decided I needed a change. I wanted to make more of an impact on myself and the people around me. Moving to Shreveport-Bossier from my small home town, Natchez, MS, was the best decision I could have made. There is a great amount of opportunity here if you look in the right places. I fell into the roofing industry by taking a leap of faith and it has been nothing but successful from day one. I’m blessed to serve Northwest Louisiana with optimism, graciousness, and grit.”

- Dylan Garland

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